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Holistic Treatment

Holistic drug addiction treatment is the treatment of the individual as a whole. Many conventional treatment centers deal solely with the medical aspect of the disease, which is the physical dependency upon the substance. These centers believe this method works, although they fail to acknowledge deeper emotional issues and spiritual needs. At holistic treatment centers, the program deals with more than the physical needs of the individual.

Holistic Treatment Characteristics

Holistic alcohol treatment centers offer programs that are highly individualized, and do not follow a one size fits all plan. Treating multiple aspects of the individual, the variation between clients is great, and the solution must reflect this. Holistic drug addiction treatment centers generally evaluate the person medically, psychologically, and spiritually to see their needs before beginning treatment.

At a holistic rehab, the client generally partakes in typical activities of a rehab, such as family and individual counseling, group therapy, and drug education seminars. They also are offered activities like exercise, acupuncture, massages, and nutritional classes. There may be meditation classes or yoga classes as well.

Similar to dual diagnostic centers, holistic residential treatment centers specialize in the treatment of co-occurring disorders. For addicts that also struggle with a psychological disorder such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or bipolar, a holistic treatment center may be the most beneficial. Holistic treatment for depression or any other mental illness works with the individual to manage the symptoms so they can maintain their new sobriety. Through therapy, psychiatric help, and reinforcement of positive activities, the addict is able to minimize the effects of their psychological disorder.

Holistic treatment centers aim to treat the mind, body, and spirit. Along with dealing with physical issue of the body’s dependency upon a substance, the underlying causes of the addiction are assessed.

How to know if a Holistic Treatment Center is Right

Holistic drug treatment centers are not right for everyone, but certain people reap great benefit from their programs. Almost every holistic center is equipped to do dual-diagnosis, so those with psychological disorders generally benefit most from holistic treatment. A conventional rehab that does not deal with the psychological issues is highly unlikely to help the person achieve long term sobriety. Psychological disorders and addiction are self-perpetuating, and both must be treated in order to remain abstinent from either.

Holistic treatment centers require that the client has an open mind. They may have to try new things such as acupuncture, meditation, mindfulness exercises, and yoga. Those who are not able to keep an open mind and often shut out new experiences may not be able to gather all that they could from a holistic treatment center.

Drug treatment facilities vary greatly in their program of action, and each center is unique. There are general categories such as holistic, conventional, and non twelve-step programs, but every program has something different to offer. With the plethora of options available, it can be helpful to do research and find a program that is appropriate for your needs. Admitting yourself into rehab is a life-changing and difficult decision, and taking the time to make the right choice may just save your life.

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