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Five Star Drug Rehab

Five star drug rehabs are treatment centers that cater to the famous, business executives, and the privileged. They differ from typical treatment centers in several ways, and are usually exclusive to high-end clients. Many celebrities, high-ranking executives, and family of these people do not want their secret life of addiction to be revealed to the general public. They are also accustomed to living a luxurious lifestyle, and removal of these amenities may cause recovery to be even more difficult than it already is. The everyday responsibilities of executives and celebrities can be extremely stressful. Drugs or alcohol offer a quick release from any emotional turmoil, and the self-medication can eventually lead to a heavy addiction. Some privileged individuals find it difficult to admit they have a problem, as they are not poor nor losing their homes like the stereotypical drug addict. They also may hesitate to attend a rehabilitation program in fear of the media hounding them for information.


One characteristic that five star drug rehabs have to offer is a heightened level of privacy. These centers are often located in rural areas, such as a Malibu cliffside or a private beach in Hawaii. The isolated location of these facilities offers both privacy and a break from the hectic daily life. The increased privacy aims to allow the client to be comfortable while enrolled, and be entirely open to sharing about their life.

Luxurious Amenities

One of the most important things offered at a five star drug rehab is the luxurious treatment that is provided. Clients at these executive rehab facilities often have the option of receiving massages, acupuncture, and participating in meditation, yoga, and relaxation classes. Everything is top notch, such as the food, staff service, and doctors. Some treatment facilities may contain a pool or spa, and some may provide beautiful scenery. The amenities available are designed to make the client feel at ease with their recovery, and not strip them of what they are used to.

Individualized Attention

At top drug rehabs, the staff to client ratio is high. Generally, the capacity of five star drug rehabs is relatively small, usually not exceeding twenty clients. The small size allows each individual to design a program with their counselor that is specific to their needs. Every person has had different life experiences and therefore requires different treatment, and five star drug rehabs recognized this and are able to accommodate accordingly. Also, the high ratio of staff members to clients allows the recovering individual to be able to talk to someone when they have a problem and also be guided more consistently.

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