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Executive Drug Rehab

Executive recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab program designed specifically for businessmen, businesswomen and high-level executives. These luxury rehab programs have been created to help thousands of executive professionals to recover from the depths of drug and alcohol abuse. The executive recovery differentiates in their personalized approach that needs to be taken when dealing with otherwise successful people.

High powered executives, like most addicts and alcoholics, have a tough time coping with the idea that they belong in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. Many clients who have resisted “traditional” drug addiction and alcoholism recovery treatment and rehabilitation programs have found that executive rehabilitation is the ideal choice and perfect fit for their lifestyle. Due to this, professionals take into account their mindset in order to customize their approach to recovery. This approach, including clients who need a recovery program that is truly discreet, clients who suffer from chronic relapse problems, clients who are in need of individualized services, and clients who are net to treatment and recovery. Executive recovery programs enhance the quality of one’s personal life, business, as well as home life. The focus is on a life solution.

Executive recovery is included in a network associated with the most prestigious Southern California drug and alcohol rehab facilities. These services include drug interventions, rapid drug detox, alcoholism detox, maintenance for opiate users, the most qualified counselors in the industry, and a peaceful yet structured nurturing setting. The privacy and confidentiality policies cater to celebrities, professional athletes, and famous musicians as well.

For executives, treatment allows time to reconnect with family and loved ones, but also allows time for business. This is to make sure professional life is maintained while in recovery. Also, executive treatments offer certificates of completion for those who require or desire such documentation.

Executive Rehabilitation treatment centers specialize in programs exclusively designed to address the beliefs and values of the executives we serve, and to increase their ability to engage and participate in their own treatment and recovery. This specialized person-specific approach is open ended and has proven to be a powerful tool in deterring chemical addiction, substance abuse, and behavioral relapse. Upon admission, clients meet with a drug/alcohol addiction MD to address specific individual needs to formulate a drug and alcohol treatment plan. A complete understanding is critical in order to have a complete understanding of the underlying issues and problems that have contributed to their using. Patients are then assigned an alcohol and drug addiction counselor throughout their stay at an executive rehabilitation facility. The counselor teaches clients how to live life free from alcohol and drugs, suggesting positive behavior modifications. The structured environment emphasizes sobriety and life coping skills for both business and interpersonal relationships. The counselors meet with their clients on a regular basis, acting as their personal guide throughout their stay, making recovery as pleasant and successful as possible.

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