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Best Drug Treatment

The best drug treatment starts with an inpatient program where the patient lives in restricted safe environment for 30-90 days. All programs are slightly different and most are based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics anonymous. For the best drug treatment the recovery process continues when one gets out of residential treatment and enters a sober living home while attending meetings and outpatient groups. Eventually there comes a time when the client and their treatment team deem it is time they can live on their own. The recovery process never ends and is part of an addict’s life, attending twelve step meetings and working the steps is possibly the best drug treatment to prevent relapse.

After an evaluation to determine how to go about treating the patient detoxing is the first step of treatment to make sure patients are physically stable. Drug Detox eases the withdrawal symptoms from coming off of drugs. Patients will go through a medically monitored detoxification which can last for a few days or weeks depending on the substances the client has been abusing. After detoxification clients can start taking part in an inpatient program.

Inpatient treatment centers allow 24 hour monitoring as individuals reside at the facility for the duration of their treatment. While in treatment patients will participate in group and individual therapy, lectures and other special therapies. Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings will also be a part of the patient’s day along with duties, tasks and responsibilities. Some facilities even offer exercise, yoga, tai chi or spa treatment as part of the program.

[ADUNIT]After graduating from an inpatient program patients are encouraged to move into a sober living facility. Sober livings vary from facility to facility but all are for addicts how are not ready to go back living normally without drugs. Some programs are very structured and require residents to attend NA or AA meeting and to participate in outpatient treatment. Residents are also usually drug tested and given a curfew which they must abide by. Besides rules and house chores residents are encouraged to enjoy themselves and obtain a job or do something productive with their time.

Outpatient treatment consists of group and individual therapy along with case management. Case managers are assigned to patients to help facilitate their achievement of personal goals and continued sobriety while still being productive. They determine what is good for the patient and what is potentially harmful to their sobriety and follow along with their case as they progress.

Twelve step meetings are possibly the most important part of the best drug treatment possible. The twelve steps are practiced in everyday life and the meetings offer a place for the patient to meet others like themselves and socialize and share. Working the steps is the single most successful way to combat addiction. When worked to their fullest the steps have the highest success rate for recovery. The combination of these recovery programs is the best drug treatment possible.

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