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Alternative Sentencing
Diversion Programs

Alternative sentencing is when someone who is charged with a drug related crime is given the opportunity to avoid state incarnation in exchange for going to rehab to get clean from drugs. Another alternative sentencing option is to participate in an outpatient program a couple times a week for 18 months (according to California state law). It differs from state to state and case to case. There is no given amount of time by law dictating how long one needs to stay in residential treatment, but it is typically between 6 months and a year.

Diversion means the court leaves the case open while the person being charged is in treatment. If treatment is successfully completed the case may be dismissed.

The different ways that one cannot successfully complete the program are; using drugs in rehab, being asked to leave a rehab facility, disobeying rules in a treatment center, etc. The person who oversees the alternative sentencing clients will notify their individual probation/parole officer.

Courts began to reconsider the sentencing of those who kept being charged with drug convictions then sending them right to prison or jail, since the rise and return of the convicted was obvious. Rehab gives the convicted and addicted the opportunity to change, because it offers specialized programs, which address the meticulous needs of a drug addict and/or gang affiliate. Criminals who are convicted of drug related offenses benefit from alternative sentencing options as opposed to over crowded prisons and jails.

If you know someone who is seeking a diversion program, look up Beit T’Shuvah or drug intervention.

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