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The Benefits of
Residential Rehab Facilities

One of the most important decisions a person who suffers from drug addiction or mental health issues is the type of treatment they undergo. Choosing a residential treatment center as a starting point to recovery has been positive decision for millions of individuals suffer from addiction and mental health problems.

Treatment Programs

There are several treatment programs that are offered almost everywhere in the United States. Treatment can be found at local hospitals and clinics but there are also several private treatment options available. Residential treatment facilities offer a personable atmosphere where the patient is in the company of others suffer from the same issues.

Residential Treatment Programs

At inpatient rehab facilities, the patient lives at the facility extended periods of time. Their actual length of stay will depend on the severity of their addiction, from 30 days to several months.

Cost of residential treatment can be expensive as programs generally offer a variety of treatment services. Living expenses are included, and the patient receives professional care 24 hours a day. This care may include psychologists, doctors, group counselors, fitness instructors and others depending on the program. Most residential treatment centers require that their staff be qualified and licensed in their field.

Adolescent Residential Treatment

Adolescent treatment centers are much like a boarding school in that they provide necessary schooling for children with mental problems or substance abuse issues. These specialized treatment facilities offer treatment while negating the risk of students falling behind in their studies.

Most treatment centers designed for children and adolescents have programs that center around the interests of that age group. Sports teams, art or thespian clubs are often provided as activities to help strengthen relationships among peers.

Mental Health Residential Treatment

Mental health residential treatment centers offer patients safe environment that is suited for their needs. The types of mental health facilities vary. Some offer higher levels of care in which the patients are unable to leave the facility due to court order. Despite this restriction, every attempt is made to allow the patients to live a relatively normal life during their stay.. While some of these institutions offer permanent resident care, many patients are able to leave after a few months of therapy.

Residential Drug Treatment

Residential treatment centers are meant to attract patients who are willing to do whatever possible to live a normal life. Therefore, treatment is more strenuous and controlled than an outpatient clinic.

When an individual abuses certain substances, it is recommended that the initial step be supervised detoxification, or detox. Abstinence from the substance can result in withdrawal symptoms that can have serious health implications. if it is not overseen by trained professionals detox can be extremely uncomfortable an in some cases, fatal. Many residential drug treatment centers offer supervised detoxification as part of their program.

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