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Outpatient Drug Rehab

Drug, alcohol and behavioral addictions are a universal concern. Addiction can develop in people of all walks of life, globally. Only small fractions, roughly 3-5%, of people who need treatment actually receive it. The quality of rehabilitation is getting better, as drug and alcohol treatment centers are expanding globally. It can be difficult deciding what treatment option best suits you or your loved one. There are inpatient, detox clinics, residential options, as well as outpatient rehab. Treatment options such as drug outpatient rehab, alcohol rehab intensive outpatient, and many growing facilities expand the convenience of recovery. Outpatient drug rehabs are one of the most convenient and least invasive options for those seeking drug, alcohol, or behavioral treatment support.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Statistically about 8% of the world’s population over 12 years old has participated in illegal drug use. The trend of early exposure of drug abuse is also an alarming concern worldwide. Adolescents are turning to alcohol, prescription medications, marijuana and many other illicit drugs daily. The necessity for treatment continues to rise. The progression of addiction can start as recreational drug or alcohol use, particularly in adolescent years. The recreational use generally can be progressed to abuse, and even fully progress into an addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction is non-discriminative, developing in people of all age, race or gender and crosses all economic, social, or geographic standing.


An outpatient treatment option is beneficial for those who are either in early recovery or in the early stages of dependency or addiction. Outpatient drug rehab provides a variety of resources for education, support, therapy, and accountability while generally providing the freedom to continue their normal daily activities such as work, schooling, or family obligations. Because of the added freedom, outpatient is much more successful to those who are fairly stable and are in need of the additional support or therapy. Some outpatients don’t require commitments. Outpatient drug rehab can span anywhere from a few weeks to several months, an average length of drug outpatient rehab is just under 80 days, depending on the individual.

Intensive Alcohol Outpatient

The level of treatment in an alcohol outpatient rehab can be measured by the intensity and frequency of therapy and counseling. Some alcohol rehab intensive outpatient facilities may require a commitment of time, amount of therapy sessions and group counseling. Outpatient still constitutes a level of participation from the recovering addict. The patient is voluntarily coming to outpatient, as well as a less intense outpatient rehab the success is solely based on the participation of the patient.

Overall the services provided in a drug outpatient rehab or alcohol rehab intensive outpatient program can vary greatly depending on the facility, the individual’s struggles with addiction, and the convenience. The success of recovery is entirely dependent on the individual; the desire to quit has to be without reservation. Outpatient rehab can be incredibly beneficial to recovery and support long-term sobriety, health and happiness.

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