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Overcoming Addiction with Recovery Programs

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Alcohol and drug addiction are the two most common types of substance abuse problems sweeping our nation. From teenagers and adults, to pop stars and celebrity icons, the ongoing struggle to battle these addictions continues to surge on. When it comes to drug addiction recovery and treatment options, it’s important for those who are afflicted with these addictions to choose an effective treatment center. Some of the factors that will need to be taken into consideration include the following:

  • What the addiction is
  • Patient’s history of substance abuse
  • Final situation
  • The severity of the addiction problem

Types of Addiction Recovery Treatment Options

There are several types of addiction recovery centers and treatment options that cater to each individual’s particular needs:

Residential Inpatient Addiction Recovery Centers

Contrary to popular belief, residential inpatient addiction recovery centers are not set in a creepy institutional setting, as certain films have been known to depict. In fact, most inpatient drug addiction treatment centers are modern, open and have a very pleasant overall environment. The inpatient treatment center allows addicts to battle their substance abuse problem through the detoxification process, and various types of behavioral therapies. The typical duration for treatment in this type of rehab center is 30 days, but may be longer if necessary. The advantage of inpatient care is having access to help and support on a 24/7 basis, however the disadvantage is higher costs. Therefore, individuals need to find out if private insurance will cover the costs associated with this type of care or, whether there is an alternate source for funding purposes.

Outpatient Addiction Recovery

Another addiction recovery alternative for substance abusers to consider is outpatient treatment centers. In this type of drug addiction recovery program, patients meet with trained addiction therapists a few times every week, or once in a month. However, they are not required to reside at the treatment center. Professional therapists are able to help addicts work through their emotional dependence on drugs and/or alcohol. Outpatient drug addiction recovery may be best suitable for individuals that have mastered more control over their addiction.

12 Step Programs

12 step programs are another type of addiction recovery that works well for many people. A 12 step program is basically a set of guiding principles for addicts to follow on the path towards recovery from certain types of addiction problems. Most of the time, 12 step programs are administered by peer counselors who once had the same dependence problem. 12 step programs provide addicts with a strong support network to effectively conquer their addiction. They are either provided to addicts for free, or at minimal cost. Many centers encourage recovering addicts to incorporate the 12 steps into written work, 12 step meetings, reading literature, prayer and meditation.

Regardless of which addiction recovery methods are chosen, it’s important to understand that overcoming substance abuse addiction is a lifelong process that requires strong commitment and determination on the part of the addict. The will to succeed can also help individuals to prevent relapse from occurring down the road.

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