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Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is as dominant as most illicit drug addictions. Chronic sugar intake can result in a physical and psychological addiction, health concerns and diseases. Even if someone knows they have a problem, trying to cut back on sugar can prove to be difficult. The Society for Neuroscience performed a study on rats, of the affects of sugar. Rats metabolize sugar the same way humans do. The study concluded that sugar is highly addictive and the withdrawals were parallel to cocaine withdrawals. Detox and recovery of sugar addiction is learning process. Utilizing tools to overcome sugar addiction and leading a healthy lifestyle are vital.

Tips to “Kicking” Sugar

Detox. Rid your body of sugar. This process may be overwhelming. Instant cravings and withdrawals will most likely begin. But once this phase is surpassed cravings will be less intrusive.

Stay Hydrated. Water or seltzer water can curb sugar cravings and often thirst is confused with hunger.

Don’t Substitute. Replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners has little affect in diminishing sugar cravings.

Stay Active. Exercising and distracting yourself can increase energy, decrease cravings and balance emotions.

Meditate. If cravings start, take a few minutes to focus on breathing, relax and quiet your mind.

Sleep. When we are tired we depend on sugar to give us the boost to get through the day.

Out of sight out of mind. Remove sugar, sweets and any temptations from your work or home.

[ADUNIT]Shop wisely:

  • Buy whole foods and fruits
  • Learn how to read the labels
  • Choosing foods with less ingredients and no or low amounts of sugars are smart options.

Cook at Home. You can ensure that the ingredients are healthy. Incorporate spices, proteins and fats. Light breakfasts, such as smoothies, can curb cravings all day.

Take Supplements. Increased cravings can be a result of nutrient deficiency. Taking supplements like chromium, vitamin B3 and magnesium can balance blood sugar levels.

Recovery from sugar addiction can be accomplished. Starting a healthy regimen of diet and exercise will help. If the addiction is too extreme to self control the consumption, seeking help is probably inevitable. Support groups and therapy can be vital in sugar addiction and other eating disorder recovery.

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