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Marijuana Myths and Facts

Marijuana is the most common abused drug in the world. Many marijuana users tend to hang on to old beliefs about marijuana as justifications for their drug use. The idea that an herbal drug, organic in production cannot be harmful is by far the biggest misconception. This overview of marijuana myths may educate users, families, and communities on the reality of Marijuana abuse.

Myths and Facts about Marijuana

Myth: Marijuana Offenses are not as severe as other criminal offenses.

Fact: The misconception is that marijuana does not hold a high precedence in the court systems however Marijuana arrests have recently doubled in the nation. Some States employ severe criminal charges for possession, intent to sell, distribution, and manufacturing. Individuals can also be penalized with probation, fines, having their property seized, their driver’s license suspended or revoked, and/or losing their jobs.

Myth: Marijuana is natural therefore it does not have any health risks.

Fact: One marijuana joint is just as harmful as smoking five cigarettes for exposure to cancer-causing chemicals. There is indication that marijuana may weaken the immune system, increasing susceptibility to infection and disease. A Common short-term effect of marijuana is memory and learning complications. Many users experience an inability to retain information. Marijuana use also affects hormones which can delay the onset of puberty, reduce sperm production, disrupt menstrual cycles and reduce ovulation.

Myth: Marijuana is not addictive.

Fact: Drugs, alcohol, and behaviors all can progress to a powerful addiction. Marijuana use can progress to an addiction. Some people cannot control the obsession to use marijuana. If someone puts their marijuana use as a priority over their family relationships, school performance, employment and recreational activities there is a good chance that they may be suffering from a marijuana addiction.

Myth: It’s easy to quit Marijuana. There aren’t any withdrawal symptoms.

Fact: Although there is little evidence of physical withdrawal, the psychological withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to overcome. Withdrawal symptoms include include irritability, insomnia, anxiety, aggressive behavior, and intense cravings. The psychological dependency to mind altering substances can make abstinence incredibly difficult. The longer more frequent use of any drug, marijuana included, escalates the challenges of quitting.


Important Marijuana Facts

The myths and facts about marijuana over the generations continue to enable heavy marijuana use. Studies on marijuana show that individuals can become addicted to marijuana just as easy as other drugs.

Other Important Facts Include:

  • Adolescents who use marijuana consistently double their possibility of developing depression
  • There is a strong correlation of individuals who use marijuana heavily and schizophrenia
  • Paranoia and Anxiety are common amongst marijuana users
  • Currently there are no medications to treat marijuana addiction
  • Frequent, heavy use of marijuana can develop a tolerance; as a result the user will increase the amount of marijuana to achieve the same effect

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