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Heroin Detox

The emotional and physical strains of overcoming a heroin addiction can be so severe that many find themselves defeated. The reoccurring relapse is most common during heroin withdrawal. Heroin withdrawals symptoms can be so extreme, addicts find the only solution to ease the pain is by using again.

The hopeless state of mind that heroin addicts find themselves in can make detox period that much more difficult. Many have found the solution in heroin detox centers, while others want to know how to detox at home. There are suggestions to detoxing at home but the difficulty and dangers of a detox at home from heroin make it a very difficult and uncomfortable.

Heroin Withdrawal

The heroin withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on heroin dosage, frequency and how long they have been using. Heroin is opium based, a powerful painkiller with immediate effects. Recurring use of herion typically results in tolerance, and addiction can progress rapidly. The higher the dosing and the more frequent use the stronger the tolerance. More heroin is needed to avoid the onset of withdrawal symptoms as tolerance increases.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Heroin withdrawal symptoms can initiate within 6 hours and last up to a week depending on the level of use. It is important to be able to identify heroin withdrawal symptoms. Knowing what to expect can help during a detox from heroin.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms Include:

  • Irritability, Anxiety, Restlessness and Panic Attacks
  • Feeling Lethargic, Depression or Sadness
  • Loss of Appetite, Nausea and Vomiting
  • Tremors, Muscles or Bone Aches and Pain
  • Crawling Skin, Excessive Sweating and Cold Sweats
  • Irregular Sleep Patterns or Insomnia
  • Cough, Fever, Runny Nose and other Cold or Flu Symptoms
  • Diarrhea
  • Cravings and other Obsessive thoughts

The debilitating agony of heroin withdrawal can impact the addict’s emotional and physical state to malnutrition, fever, psychosis and depression. If severe withdrawal symptoms occur there is a high risk of relapse, suicidal thoughts and seizures. The strain the body is put through should ideally be monitored by a medical staff to ensure a safe detox.

How to Detox From Heroin at Home

Identifying that they have a problem and they want to stop can be the hardest part. From there it takes support, courage, healthy resources and the ability to see beyond the heroin detox period. Many suffering heroin addicts want to know how to detox at home from heroin because of confidentially and cost. This method is commonly referred to as kicking.

For addicts who want to know how to detox at home from heroin, there are suggestions but it is highly recommended that they seek medical help. First they need to Identify the core reason for quitting. The desire to quit for you is key. Sharing this information with friends, family and loved ones can hold accountability as well as protecting yourself from triggers.

Having a plan of action in case of emergency is highly recommend when detoxing from heroin at home. Phasing out triggering environments, objects and other triggering items can help relieve the stress. Stay busy, hydrated and healthy during the detox. Have a long-term recovery plan.

Heroin Detox Centers

The support and medical benefits of a heroin detox center has a greater success rate in recovering from a heroin addiction. Many heroin detox centers and heroin addiction treatment centers centers generally offer a detox program that safely and comfortably facilitate a heroin detox. Tapering the users off of opiates by means of detox medications is common in a heroin detox center. Addressing the core issues that lead to the initial using can increase the success of recovery.

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