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Another Headline with Paris Hilton + Cocaine

by | Addiction, Alcohol and Drugs, Celebrity News, Latest News, Life, Treatment

Home Addiction Another Headline with Paris Hilton + Cocaine

Paris Hilton is once again in the spotlight. Shocker. She’s pleading guilty? But, the cocaine in her Chanel purse was someone else’s, right? Oh… No?
In all seriousness, Paris is going to shoulder the reality of her recent cocaine bust for no less than a year. According to the Washington Post, prosecutors have decided that she must be on probation for one year, pay a $2,000 fine, and serve 200 hours of community service. This being determined after she plead guilty this morning. I personally worry about that $2,000 fine she is facing. I imagine it’s going to be her biggest concern and many people are probably worried sick wondering how she is going to come up with $2,000.
She’s also going to be banned from the Wynn hotel…thus, sadly leaving her with a plethora of alternatives in party town USA.
As the Washington Report cross-references with Felony-Review: “Hilton, 29, was arrested Aug. 26 inside the Wynn resort, after police say a small plastic bag containing 0.8 grams of cocaine fell out of her purse as she reached for a tube of lip balm in front of a police lieutenant.” I have to believe her multiple run-ins with the law have been partially due to bad luck mixed with insane notoriety. There isn’t a corner she turns without paparazzi popping out to flash a shot of her blonde hair extensions, blue eyes batting innocently at the cameras. Almost all of us know plenty of John Smith’s who have purchased, sold, and snorted illegal drugs, for a period of many years with little to no repercussions. Paris just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, reaching for that lip balm. (Perhaps Lip Balm Anonymous, or LBA, should have been a consideration in the indictment process).
So, the question is… do we pity Paris? Or do we feel that justice is finally brewing? Some of us may believe a felony charge should have been sought! Though, if she has one discretion short of a traffic violation throughout the next year she will find herself behind bars.
Worst case scenario — she does violate her probation and heads back to the clink — do we foresee another spiritual awakening? I remember after she served jail time for DUI charges the media was charged with reports of her “finding herself” and becoming more grounded through various readings and prayer. Well, I’m glad that spiritual reconciliation has played out via her recent behaviors. Aren’t you?