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Man Accused of Killing Wife Pleads a Caffeine-Induced Psychosis

by | Addiction, Alcohol and Drugs, Conditions and Disorders, Latest News, Life, Love and Relationships

Home Addiction Man Accused of Killing Wife Pleads a Caffeine-Induced Psychosis

It’s OK that he strangled his wife with an extension cord, because he was chugging Redbulls and popping NoDoz. He thought his wife, Amanda, was going to leave in the middle of the night with their two children…so he loaded up on caffeine to preclude her escape. He didn’t mean it.
At least, that’s what Woody Will Smith is going to claim in court July of 2011. The article doesn’t mention anything about his prior drug use or possible addiction issues, but I suspect his using doesn’t end with his fix of morning java. Why the delay in bringing this to trial? Prosecutors need to collect ammo in preparation, including information about Ephedra and caffeines’ effect on the body. I agree that prosecutors need to approach the trial armed with facts and stats, but waiting ten months to indite a man for murder seems a bit unreasonable, in my opinion. This gives Woody Will Smith (this blog could end with simply stating this kook’s name, and speak for itself) ten months of blissful freedom, plenty of time to flee the country, concoct an invisibility body suit, etc — the possibilities are limitless.
According to the USA today article, psychologist Robert Noelker will defend Smith in court. He announces that Smith was “exquisitely vulnerable to development of the brief psychosis given his sleep deprivation and the cognitive effects brought about by Ephedra, caffeine, and other diet aids that he ingested ”
I’m curious as to what diet “aids” he was taking. Not only does this man think caffeine is means for murder, he also may be preparing to take the male form of Anna-Nicole Smith in posing for diet pill ads and caffeine supplements. Maybe killing his wife was a publicity stunt. Soon we will be seeing billboards broadcasting his 5 o’clock shadowed face with accompanying text promoting heart-pumping, palpitating pills guaranteeing Plane Jane a transformation into Glamazon of the millenium. Regardless of what pills he was on, or how many Zzz’s he missed, motive and intent are enough to convince me that this trial will be leading him nowhere except jail. 93% of people in the USA poll believe his argument won’t hold up in court, and the 7 percent who believe it will, well… let’s just hope they’re not serving jury duty next July.