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Home Addiction EBay Addiction

In 2010, Ebay addiction is diagnosable as a disease. It falls into the category of Internet Addiction, a broad term to describe many different subcategories of addictions involving games and/or venues on the web. Because of the extreme popularity of online auction sites like eBay, a growing number of people in our society today are beginning to show signs of addiction to these websites.
In the mind of an addict, a winning bid often provokes an emotional high or rush. For the addict, it’s not just the item but rather the experience of winning that keeps them bidding. Online auction houses create a stimulating environment for users that allow them to try to outbid one another. This sense of competition can become intoxicating as users spend time and energy trying to become the highest bidder within seconds of an auction closing.
In an active addiction, many eBay addicts will wake up at odd hours just to be present for the last few minutes of an online auction. “It was like 5am and I couldn’t log on,” explains one eBay addict. “I had a complete breakdown, I started crying, and my husband didn’t know what to do with me. That’s when I realized I had a problem.”
In more severe cases of Ebay addiction, addicts depend on the sense of accomplishment they feel after discovering that they are the highest bidder. Often times they begin to bid on items they don’t need simply to experience the rush of winning an auction. In some cases addicts will drive themselves into financial debt, take out a second mortgage, or even go into bankruptcy just to afford their online purchases. One individual was stealing funds from her husband’s 401K until he discovered her addiction. “He shut down my account and threatened to divorce me,” she explained. “I was about to lose my marriage all because I couldn’t stop myself from using eBay.”
So how exactly does someone know if they are addicted to eBay? Due to the popularity of eBay and auction sites in general, it is often difficult to know if one is suffering from true addiction. However, there is an Auction Addiction Test that can be taken in order to help assess whether or not someone has crossed the line. If you or someone you know has an addiction to the Internet, it is suggested that they find a therapist that deals with eBay addiction and/or other a professional with a working knowledge of Internet addiction.