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Celebrity Drug Addiction- How Star's Obtain their Drugs

by | Alcohol and Drugs, Celebrity News

Home Alcohol and Drugs Celebrity Drug Addiction- How Star's Obtain their Drugs

For many of the young, rich and famous, a typical weekend in Hollywood involves nightclubs, VIP guest lists, alcohol, and drugs. Throughout the past few weeks we have seen both Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton get in trouble with the law for using cocaine. However, according to many Hollywood insiders, these two starlets aren’t the only ones that are out partying hard.
Many people are claiming that recreational drug use among the rich and famous is dangerously rising. However, this is hard to prove due to the fact that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services does not keep track of drug use by occupation, “The drug problem is growing, but what is certainly true is that the media no longer shields celebrities by not publicizing their problems with drugs and alcohol,” said Dr. David Sack, CEO of Promises Rehab Facility in Malibu, CA. “Similarly, the criminal justice system no longer is ‘star struck’ and prosecutors are no longer reluctant to pursue a celebrity whose drug-related behaviors threaten public saftety,” Dr. Sack also noted.
So the question remains. How do celebrities get all of their drugs? According to one Hollywood partygoer, access to drugs is just a phone call away. “The celebrities are rarely the designated driver, and they like to have fun inside clubs. So you know there’s definitely some ‘partying’ going on,” the Hollywood partygoer states.
According to one source anyone — including club promoter, driver, doorman or VIP concierge — can be “appropriately connected to the right people”. Of course, in Los Angeles there is no shortage of drug dealers.
Another Hollywood insider even said that come club owners compensate celebrities with cocaine instead of cash as a way to draw them to their venue.
Another harsh reality of this issue is that many young stars using illegal drugs fail to hide their bad habits. “Users usually start off at a night club and continue using at a house party – mostly coke and weed,” an L.A. nightlife event planner remarks. “A lot of the time you’ll see people doing coke in the bathroom or celebrities even doing it out in the open. Most people in Hollywood don’t even find the need to be discrete about it.” It’s no wonder they aren’t shielded from the judicial system, then.
According to celebrity news insider Pop Tarts — celebrities will usually have their “friends” or assistants get their drugs, and are careful not to seek drugs directly. In order to support their habit, celebrities will often pay thousands of dollars in order to get exactly what they’re looking for. However, Hollywood insiders also say that more often than not, celebrities will score a freebie or a discount from the seller in exchange for hang out with the suggested “in” crowd. In a recent interview, the Los Angeles Police Department told Pop Tarts that they are taking action against the local drug scene. However, they also admit that they do not specifically target celebrities as suspects for illegal activity when conducting investigations. “There is definitely a Hollywood drug scene and we definitely police it. We diligently investigate nightlife, street life, and the influx of drugs in the Hollywood scene. We do not target celebrities but we do operate out of affluent clubs,” a rep for the Hollywood Narcotics division of the LAPD said. “We don’t turn a blind eye on anyone or any of it, and we arrest whoever is in violation of selling or using drugs.”
The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) of Los Angeles also told Pop Tarts that many small celebrity drug busts often lead to progress in combating the drug epidemic on a larger scale. “If the LAPD has a case involving a well-known
individual, that may tie into a larger case where maybe it’s a pharmacy or an organization we know and we’ll get involved on that side, and work our way up, looking at the bigger picture,” an LAPD cop says. If the DEA and LAPD fail to crack down on celebrities soon, this substance abuse issue among Hollywood stars will only worsen. Another aspect I think the LAPD should consider is the impact that these celebrities are having on the rest of society. More than ever, people strive to emulate their favorite stars — from the clothes celebrities wear to the places they eat. If something isn’t done about the rise of substance abuse among young Hollywood stars this issue will only grow worse and infiltrate America’s youth in a negative way.