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College Binge Drinking

The impact of college binge drinking is almost immeasurable. Fatalities that surround college drinking claim roughly 1,800 students a year by means of car accidents, alcohol poisoning, and violent crimes. College binge drinking can directly affect their personal relationships, their academic success, and their health dramatically. Coincidentally college binge drinking affects the lives of those around them. Binge drinking is also a major catalyst for alcohol dependency, alcoholism, and addiction. These things could potentially carry throughout their lives. Binge drinking college students may be unaware of the devastation that surrounds the drinking. Denial and social acceptance can enable binge drinking on college campuses.

Binge Drinking College Students

The anticipation of both parents and the students of continuing academic education rarely include the facts about binge drinking and college. The startling statistics of binge drinking college students in the nation raises concern for health and social issues that it impacts. In the past decade the statistics of binge drinking on college campuses have increased by almost 20 percent. Alcohol related arrests continue to rise as well as, alcohol induced automobile accidents often resulting in fatalities.

College Students and Alcohol Dependency

Binge drinking college students are at risk of developing a dependency to alcohol. The cycle of alcoholism usually always initiates from recreational and social drinking. Over 30% of college students met the criteria of alcohol dependence based on research. This is just the beginning for many students long-term struggle with substance abuse. The progressive turmoil of alcoholism can be detrimental and almost unfeasible to overcome.

College Binge Drinking Effects on the Body

College binge drinking can result in alcohol poisoning, severe depression, injuries, and death. Over 150,000 college binge drinkers develop a health issue as a result from prolonged binge drinking. College binge drinking effects on the body are detrimental. Binge drinking may result in Heart, liver, stomach and brain damage.

* Brain: Mood and behavioral changes. Sleep disorders, cognitive affects like shorten attention span, memory loss, coordination and seizures.

* Heart: Binge drinking damages the heart by weakening the heart muscle. Many experience shortness of breath, fatigue and even heart failure. A binge drinking college students is at an elevated risk of strokes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

* Liver: A highly important organ which is dramatically affected by alcohol, primary function is to filter and protect the body from harmful toxins that can lead to fatal diseases.

The psychological damage of college binge drinking can lead to severe depression, psychosis, violence, and suicide. 1.5% of student suicide attempts have been a result of college binge drinking or drug use.

Binge Drinking and College

[ADUNIT]The irreparable damages that binge drinking causes to students the campus community can be traumatic and carry throughout the rest of their lives. Sex crimes, psychological effects, health risks, violent crimes, academic damage and even death are just some of the vast destruction that college binge drinking can do. The prevention and regulation of binge drinking on college campuses can potentially save thousands of lives. Health and therapy resources on binge drinking on college campuses can commence a safe environment for students impacted by binge drinking. For countless college students currently struggling with the inability to change their binge drinking lifestyle there are resources and outlets for them.

Sometimes it takes the voice of loved ones surrounding the college student to make it apparent that there is a problem. Many loved ones find it difficult to initiate the matter of binge drinking and the destruction it is causing. Many loved ones have found an intervention a successful way to end the suffering.

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