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More than 10 Million individuals seek treatment and addiction solutions online each month. provides the answers. is an online resource for information regarding mental health, addiction, treatment & recovery. Over 50,000 treatment facilities, recovery programs, interventionists and professional resources are listed on T4A. Individuals can read and write reviews of recovery centers, search for treatment facilities based on location or specialty, and read bios of clinicians and therapists nationwide.

Individuals on the path to recovery can build a Recovery Profile and connect with other individuals who share similar life goals, hobbies and challenges. Treatment professionals and organizations can build profiles as well, and publish articles, research papers and outcome studies to help individuals and family members identify the appropriate treatment solution for the addict seeking recovery.

Advertising provides a variety of advertising opportunities to meet the varying marketing needs of treatment facilities, after-care programs and treatment professionals. For custom advertising packages please email [email protected].

Premium Site Sponsorship (maximum of 10 Premium Sponsors)
Includes Sponsored Business Listing, Category Sponsorship and run of site banner promotion on:

  • Homepage
  • Blog
  • Category Pages
  • Local Directory
  • Articles
  • Monthly featured advertorial content piece
  • Monthly featured advertorial email piece

Category Sponsorship (More than 50 categories available)

Includes Sponsored Business Listing, banner promotion on selected category page, banner promotion on related article pages, and banner promotion on local directory pages (city and state). Multiple Categories available at a discounted rate.

Sponsored Business Listing
Featured Business Listing which appears at the top of category or directory pages and includes a graphic/photo thumbnail and bio preview. Multiple Categories available at a discounted rate.

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