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Sex Addiction Rehab

Sex addiction is characterized as compulsively contemplating or acting upon sexual urges. There are varying degrees of sex addiction and symptoms can manifest in several ways. This disorder can lead to chronic masturbation, a porn obsession, promiscuous sexual relations, rape and pedophilia. Addiction can be as devastating as addiction to alcohol and other drugs. The severity and duration of consequences differ in relation to the degree of a person's sexual addiction. For most sex addicts, rehabilitation is possible. In the most extreme cases of sexual addiction, incarceration is the only viable option.

Sex Addiction Symptoms

Sex addicts share many of the same addictive tendencies as those suffering from chemical dependency. A preoccupation with sexual activities is a common characteristic of a sex addict. The person will typically be preoccupied with sex, spending excessive time and energy pursuing what they need to satisfy their addiction. Like any other addiction, sexual addiction is progressive in nature. In some cases, addicts become increasingly promiscuous to satisfy their sexual desires. In some cases, addicts may isolate to have adequate time to fulfill their compulsive desires. A person may become irritable if the pursuit of their sexual desires is interrupted.

Sex Addiction Rehabilitation

Some sex addicts are dually diagnosed with chemical dependency. For this reason, many of the rehabilitation centers around the country have an outlet for sexual addictions. When doing research, it is important to be certain that any facility being considered has separate groups for sexual addiction. Most rehabs will have a multi-faceted plan to treat all forms of addiction manifestations. It is crucial that the program focuses on educating the patients about their disease, its risks and consequences. However, a key difference exists between sex addiction and chemical addiction. The difference lies within the prolonged treatment of the disorder. For alcohol and drug addiction, people will be abstinent and in recovery for the duration of their lives. In regards to a sexual addiction, only the compulsivity and promiscuity will be focused on to change the behavior patterns. Temporary abstinence will be recommended but lifelong abstinence is not required. Unfortunately, relapse into old behaviors is common. This depends greatly on the individual and their desire to change. The point of rehabilitation is to introduce an addict to the solution of their problematic disorder and to inform them that they can change.




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