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Therapy is a considerably beneficial treatment option for those who do not want to undergo treatment that is entirely dependant on prescription drugs. Most alcoholics and drug addicts, in addiction to clinic treatment, seek out some type of therapeutic treatment to continue their progression towards a normal, independent life. Therapists do not specialize in substance abuse programs alone, but also family issues and mental health problems.

A therapist who specializes in helping individuals overcome their addictions is sometimes referred to as a drug addiction therapist or substance abuse therapist. Many are employed by drug treatment centers to help the patients deal with their addictions individually as well as in a group. Others open their own practices, where they may also serve as an addiction recovery therapist to continue a patientís treatment after he or she has left clinical care.

Other therapists specialize in fields that deal with mental health or a personís social well being. A mental health therapist may meet with individuals who have been diagnosed with such psychological concerns as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. While medications are highly profitable for these disorders, many mental health patients find that their symptoms lessen when they seek out therapy as well. A mental health therapist can also help the individual cope with and recognize their symptoms.

A marriage and family therapist, on the other hand, will council families individually and as a group to help heal relationships. This type of therapy is often used as an alternative for divorce or separation proceedings. The mediation can help family members come up with successful ways to interrelate with each other.

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