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Nova Counseling

Nova Counseling
3240 Jackson Street
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901

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(920) 231-0143

About Us

NOVA treats the illness of chemical dependency. Medical data shows that addiction is a disease of brain chemistry. Consequently, treating addiction is a complex and demanding process. NOVA's excellent program has goals of abstinence coupled with behavioral changes. Our process is guided through utilization of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The program's principles are implemented through staff with extensive expertise and credentials. A gifted staff supplies understanding, gentleness, toughness, sensitivity and patience. Above all, effective and lasting treatment is marked by an essential element - caring. At NOVA, compassion is the quality that people sense most during the intense self-discovery experience. Caring is the catalyst that creates trust. From trust comes acceptance and, ultimately, commitment to the tasks (behavioral changes) of recovery.

Areas of Expertise
Nova is a licensed provider of special care for people suffering from alcoholism and other drug dependencies. Our compassionate, dedicated staff includes counselors who have personally suffered from addictions. Treatment at NOVA Counseling Services is for people who have lost control of their lives and need a safe, structured environment to learn about their addictions coupled with therapy to change the behaviors that accompany chemical dependency.



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