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The Texas House

The Texas House
2208 W. 34th St.
Houston, Texas 77018

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(713) 956-6337

About Us

The Texas House is a converted 60 unit apartment complex located in Northwest Houston, TX. The men that arrive here are provided a clean comfortable environment. Our program is based on the "TC" concept of treatment, which is a Therapeutic Community that requires the men to be involved in all aspects of recovery. "I am my brothers keeper" is a main concept of this program, accountability to his peers fosters the beginning of a man's ability to begin to regain his honor and respect. We do not charge for our services, rather we have the men perform job functions that pay room and board. Our program is 1 year in duration during the residential phase and now includes a after-care program that lasts 2 hours and is 1 night a week for 20 weeks. 

Areas of Expertise
Our goal is to help a man achieve long term sobriety! A man can go back into society and live and work with dignity, honor and respect. We believe this with all our hearts because we have experienced it ourselves and witnessed it in countless others. The staff and management at The Texas House are people that have experienced the despair of the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction and have recovered from that seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. We understand the man that walks into our facility with the forlorn look of someone who has been beaten by this disease and we offer a way out. Walk with us through the various stages of recovery and leave here a free man.  



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