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Michael Yeager

Michael Yeager
2122 Rosefield Dr.
Houston, Texas 77080

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Michael Yeager
(800) 365-5950

About Us

Internationally Certified and Texas Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Board Certified Interventionist, Certified Grief Recovery Counselor, Certified Compulsive Gambling Counselor, Certified AcuDetox Specialist, Prevention Specialist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Substance Abuse Professional, Reiki Master/Teacher, TFT, Mind Body Therapist, Touch For Health & Healing Touch Practitioner, Registered Massage Therapist, Certified 12 Step Counselor and President of the Association, The Silva Method and The Sedona Graduate.Michael utilized Acupuncture (AcuDetox) to safely detoxify clients from alcohol, crack/cocaine, heroin, marijuana, pain medications in an outpatient setting. He works with Western Medicine when and/or if a client needs that support. He also includes acupuncture and acupressure in many of his counseling, hypnotherapy and massage therapy sessions when appropriate. He is the Clinical Director of the Solution Focused therapy Services, an outpatient private practice,  in Houston Texas. He has been on the faculty of The University of Houston, Lee College, LCDC Training School and New Directions, all Addiction Counselors Training Schools. He designed the Chemical Dependency Counselors 273 Hour Training School that was offered at Navarro College.

Areas of Expertise
Michael has been helping people recover from alcohol, drug, sex, relationship, work, love, gambling, spending and food addictions, unresolved grief/loss issues i.e. death and non-death related losses and life transition issues, incest, abuse & trauma survivors. Michael has helped hundreds of couples resolve their communication problems, sexual issues and  many have come for pre-marital counseling and a few for divorce resolution work. He also offers a very successful smoking cessation and weight loss program. For those seeking relief from pain and stress he offers therapeutic massage. He specialized in neck and back pain management. If the client is a survivor of incest, abuse or trauma or a sexual addict and wants to clear the body memories, massage has been very helpful in resolving these memories and reframing their experience of touch.  Michael has been counseling, teaching, consulting, leading workshops and seminars in the field of addictive disorders, trauma, stress management and grief recovery since 1973. Michael believes that the client is responsible for how they internalized their responses to life`s events and are responsible for their own recovery. He further believes that the traditional and alternative therapies he employs are responsible to do the work they produce when used appropriately, and that God, Great Spirit, a Higher Power will oversee the entire process.

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