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Dr's Regional Hospital 3315 Alameda
Corpus Christi, Texas 78411

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Frank Valley
(361) 761-1915

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Medical Stabilization Service New Vision™ at Doctors Regional Hospital Phone # 361-761-1915 3315 South Alameda Toll Free # 1-800-939-2273 Corpus Christi, Texas 78411 Fax # 361-761-1904 To whom it may concern:, I would like to introduce a service at Doctors Regional Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas. We are called New Vision™ a service that treats the withdrawal and medical complications associated with dependency on alcohol and other drugs. The service we provide is assisting people who are physically dependent on alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs. New Vision™ provides this service by screening the individual, and if appropriate, facilitates the admission to Doctors Regional Hospital for medical stabilization during the acute stages of withdrawal. Since this is considered a medical procedure the person is provided with a private room on a medical floor. Once admitted the patient will be monitored by the Medical Director, Dr. Breeling, and a full nursing staff. All patients admitted to Doctors Regional Hospital have the right and will be treated as a confidential patient. The average length of stay is three to five days, dependent upon the patient’s need. Since we are a medical hospital we treat the medical condition of the patient, whereas behavioral hospitals or treatment centers focus is on the psychological components. During the patient’s stay at the hospital, the New Vision™ staff is working with the patient on a discharge plan. We will help facilitate the admission to a residential or outpatient treatment center upon discharge for the continuum of care and their recovery process. We consider ourselves to be the highest and safest level of care for treating the withdrawals from alcohol and other drugs. As a Medical Center Hospital we have immediate access to the intensive care unit and emergency room if serious complications develop. Often patients that go to a behavioral hospital for detox will be discharged and referred to us because the treatment center is unequipped to handle some of the serious medical complications associated with withdrawal. We accept traditional Medicaid, Medicare, most insurance, and cash or credit cards ($2,550.00 for three days). We can also accept approved County Indigent vouchers from Webb or Hidalgo counties. You might ask; how can you benefit from our services? • As a patient you can regain your life, spirituality, health, and possibly your job and family. • As an employer you can regain your key employee, cut down on absenteeism, increase productivity, and cut back on lost revenue due to addiction in the workplace. Your employee can be admitted on Friday and possibly be discharged the following Monday. • As an insurance provider you can decrease the high cost of health care by utilizing an effective 3-5 day hospital medical stabilization service that is significantly less costly than a 7-21 day treatment program. • As a referral source we can “help you help you help your client” towards the first step to sobriety. To facilitate the continuum of care we will obtain consent and will contact you regarding the patient’s recommended discharge plan. I would welcome the opportunity in providing a presentation on our services to you and your staff at your convenience. If we can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to call. Thank you for considering New Vision™. “Let us help you help your client”. Sincerely, Frank Valley, LCDC, MAC, CCJS, Service Coordinator



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