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Treatment Centers in Tennessee

The State of Tennessee records a large number of alcohol and drug addicts. In 2005, the state saw an estimated 316,000 individuals with alcohol related problems and nearly 155,000 individuals were drug addicts. These statistics are definitely alarming and stress the need for more Tennessee drug and alcohol treatment centers to help addicts overcome this grave issue. What is more disturbing is that most addicts are not even willing to come forward and seek help at a Tennessee treatment center; instead they are only drowning more into addiction.

It is ultimately the friends and family of the abused member who usually take the initiative and responsibility to get the addict admitted to a Tennessee treatment center. There are a variety of treatment centers that offer a wide range of services to patients including inpatient treatment, short and long term residential programs as well as other support services to compliment the treatment programs like counseling services and behavioral therapy.

Many a Tennessee drug treatment center and alcohol treatment center has been dedicated specifically to the physically impaired or to pregnant women. Some are classified based on age and the drugs under consideration. Drug and alcohol rehab help lines are available online where one can call to get all the information they need to locate a Tennessee treatment center. Similarly, online directories and databases can guide you on these matters.

Top U.S. Drug Rehab Centers

Laguna Treatment Hospital
24552 Pacific Park Drive
Aliso Viejo, California 92656
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Tennessee Treatment Centers

New Life Lodge
999 Girl Scout Road
Burns, Tennessee 37029
New Life Lodge
999 Girl Scout Road
Burns, Tennessee 37029
Spirit Lake Recovery
PO Box 164
Mc Kenzie, Tennessee 38201
Aspell Recovery Center
P.O. Box 2412
Jackson, Tennessee 38301
205 Minor Street
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37405



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