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Ace Recovery For Men

Ace Recovery For Men
1477 Ted Melton Road
Chesterfield, South Carolina 29709

Key Contact

Eric Harkins
(866) 709-6988

About Us

Ace Recovery for Men is an affordable retreat counseling program away from most typical community settings where distractions can get in the way of sobriety goals. Since Early Remission from the devastation of any addictive disorder is 90 days of sobriety our objective is to help early recovering addicts achieve this goal before moving on to sober living communities where the distractions of daily living may be stressful. Ace Recovery provides twelve step book study and CBT along with a daily structured schedule to assist with Early Remission.

Areas of Expertise
Specializing in working the twelve step program and providing Twelve Step Facilitation (TSF) for the newcomer. The Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist is certified in Rational Living and Thinking Cognitive Behavioral group treatment



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