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Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment in North Providence

Looking for a North Providence drug rehabilitation center? There are none in North Providence, but you'll find plenty to the south in Providence.

Looking for North Providence drug rehab centers? The so-called North Providence town is in fact located in the central part of Providence County. It holds the unique distinction of being the smallest town in the smallest state in the country. There is no North Providence drug rehabilitation center, as in, there is none in the town itself, but if you want a North Providence drug rehab center, you could look around in neighboring towns and you'll find lots. There are lots of drug counseling centers in the north part of Providence and on the east of North Providence in Pawtucket. Don't bother crossing the Narrangsett Bay, there are plenty rehab centers on this side.

If you are looking for drug rehab in North Providence, the closest place where you can find drug rehab centers is south of the town in Providence. There is a heavy concentration of clinics and counseling centers here in this area, which happens to be the most populous part of the state. As you move towards Providence, the first drug clinic you'll probably run into is Providence Community Action. Apart from drug rehab, this center runs several human service programs and the members work towards eradicating poverty and social ills like substance abuse. Next up is the Center for Behavioral Health which also runs several counseling and treatment programs. Apart from these, there are several good drug rehab centers you can check out like Adcare Hospital, Doric Center, Phoenix Houses of New England and NRI Community Services.

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