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Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment in Ashland

Drug rehab centers help users over the addiction that prevents them from giving up drug use. With a high percentage of Methamphatamine and Marijuana abuse, Oregon faces a significant drug abuse problem. Oregon rehab centers are aimed at providing medical treatment, rehabilitation and counseling to addicts.

Successful rehab requires specialized help with the withdrawal effects of detoxification and special diet, counseling and exercise advice to help your body heal and recover. Several Ashland rehabilitation centers are known to provide quality and effective help at affordable prices. They provide help with alcohol and drug use problems. Some centers also have specialized sections for special problems with prescription drugs, Heroine and eating disorders.

Counselors at Ashland drug rehab centers are trained in evidence based medicine and offer the most effective recovery strategies to patients. Drug Addicts choosing an Ashland drug rehab program often benefit by the access to top certified chemical dependency counselors with several years of successful de-addiction intervention. Like Christine Mason, Edward Burns, Caroline Verner as well as Dr. Jim Shames who is an addictionologist, work at the Addiction recovery Centre. Drug rehab in Ashland boast of equally competent practitioners and all of them have trained business administrators, accountancy professionals and other support staff to help run their de-addiction programs smoothly.

Several centers also have a range of counseling programs for family, friends and colleagues as well as several treatment options like day treatment, residency treatment, walk-in clinics etc making Ashland, Oregon an attractive Ashland drug rehab location.

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Laguna Treatment Hospital
24552 Pacific Park Drive
Aliso Viejo, California 92656
Ashland, Oregon Drug Rehabs

White Forest Counseling Services
2305-C Ashland Street #400
Ashland, Oregon 97520
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Ashland, Oregon 97520


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