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Share House

Share House
4227 9th Avenue SW
Fargo, North Dakota 58103

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(701) 282-6561

About Us

The Spirit Program is an intensive primary care treatment experience. This level of care offers a variety of support groups within a structured daily schedule. The groups are facilitated by licensed professionals who specialize in each treatment topic. During this treatment phase an individual will develop an awareness of core issues that contribute to self-destructive behaviors. Individualized treatment programming will provide an opportunity to confront identified self-destructive behaviors in both group and individual settings. Individuals will have an opportunity to become involved in twelve step programming and experience the beginning of a life without the use of mind altering chemicals. Relapse Residential Care is a unique level of programming designed to focus on individual relapse issues. Individuals who have experienced multiple treatment episodes will benefit from the expertise of ShareHouse staff in developing an individualized warning relapse list. The Relapse program also provides the safe structure of residential support and therapeutic treatment.

Areas of Expertise
ShareHouse has been providing chemical dependency treatment services to adult men and women since 1975. ShareHouse offers intense primary treatment and outpatient levels of care for individuals afflicted with the disease of alcohol/drug addictions



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