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Southlight Inc Lifeplus

Southlight Inc Lifeplus
2101 Garner Road Suite 107
Raleigh, North Carolina 27610

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SouthLight, Inc. offers periodic outpatient treatment to adolescents. In treatment, adolescents learn to modify behaviors in order to make better decisions and abstain from drug and alcohol use. Adolescent users differ from adults in many ways. Their drug and alcohol use often stems from different causes, and they have even more trouble projecting the consequences of their use into the future. However, like adults, adolescent substance use effects others in the family in negative ways, creating crises that require reorganization across the entire family system in order to insure effective recovery. At Pathways Counseling Center, we address this dilemma by offering family focused treatment interventions, beginning with an initial assessment that includes the parents. Still, we acknowledge that in treatment adolescents must be approached differently than adults because of their unique developmental issues, differences in their values and belief systems, and environmental considerations (e.g., strong peer influences). At a physical level, adolescents tend to have smaller body sizes and lower tolerances, putting them at greater risk for alcohol-related problems even at lower levels of consumption. The use of substances may also compromise an adolescent's mental and emotional development from youth to adulthood because substance use interferes with how people approach and experience interactions. All these circumstances and variables are considered in the assessment process and in the development of an individualized treatment plan

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