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Center for Living

Center for Living
226 East 52nd Street
New York, New York 10022

Key Contact

Maryanne Sculley
(212) 712-8800

About Us

The Center for Living is dedicated to one purpose: helping individuals and families work through the web of problems caused by the use and abuse of addictive substances, both legal and illegal. We offer a unique abstinence-based treatment program developed by experienced substance abuse treatment professionals who understand the young mind and their behavioral patterns. We focus on the needs of teens and young adults who begin and continue to use addictive substances in response to the daily pressures of adolescence and urban and suburban life. We emphasize the importance of addressing problems as soon as they come to light. At the Center, we understand substance use touches more than one area of an addicts life. It affects the whole person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our comprehensive, specialized treatment addresses all the areas of these life areas, including family, mental health, school, nutrition, and the social environment. We support the use of an innovative 12-step philosophy to help our members and their families become healthy and productive again. Our caring, experienced clinical staff and primary therapists provide a great deal of personal support, guidance and respect so lives can be made whole again.

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