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NOVA Therapeutic Community Residential

NOVA Therapeutic Community Residential
3483 Larimore Avenue
Omaha, Nebraska 68111

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(402) 455-8303

About Us

NOVA's treatment programs assist in restructuring each person's lifestyle so that he/she can deal with stress and anxiety without the need for drugs and alcohol. Each individual learns new healthy alternatives to deal with past, present and future problems. High expectations and high commitment from both Community members and staff support this positive change. Insight into one's problems is gained through group and individual interactions, but learning through experience is the most potent influence toward achieving lasting change. NOVA's treatment programs utilize highly structured environments with well-defined boundaries, both moral and ethical. They employ community-imposed sanctions and penalties as well as earned advancement of status and privileges as part of the growth process. Individuals in the therapeutic community are members, as in any family setting. Being part of something greater than oneself is an especially important factor in facilitating positive growth. NOVA's Foster Care programs provide shelter and safety to infants and children who are victims of abuse/neglect or who have become unmanageable in the home. trained foster parents with the assistances of staff, Foster Care Specialist, assist the youth/family to achieve reunification or a permanent healthy placement.

Areas of Expertise
NOVA Therapeutic Community is committed to providing quality behavioral health care for children, adolescents and adults whose lives have been adversely affected by family turmoil, substance abuse, and other psychosocial problems that endanger normal growth and healthy functioning. Towards this end, NOVA endorses and is dedicated to the dual principles of self-help and social competence as the primary means by which to achieve sustainable sobriety and a responsible, productive way of life. Lastly, NOVA is steadfastly committed to providing family-based sanctuary, safety, comfort and protection for children and adolescents who cannot care for or effectively protect themselves from exploitation, temptation or injury.



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