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Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment in Columbus

The best and easiest way to be free from the menace and out of control problem called addiction is seeking professional help from a drug rehab center in Columbus, Nebraska. The medical personnel in such a treatment center would be able to help you with your drug withdrawal, tendency to relapse, and other addiction related difficulties much better than your own family and you yourself could. You could get help from licensed and certified professionals who have had experience helping others with similar problems. The top Columbus drug rehab centers include:

1. Catholic Charity – The Columbus drug rehabilitation center focuses on a mix of mental health and substance abuse services typically called MH-SA. Substance abuse treatment is the service provided. This involves treatments for every kind of drug addiction including such common ones as heroin, cocaine, morphine, etc. The types of care provided include outpatient care and residential long term. Special programs are provided for persons with dual diagnosis. 3020 18th Street Suite 17, Columbus, NE, 68601.

2. Seekers of Serenity Place – While primary focus of the Columbus drug rehab center is substance abuse treatment services called SA, the services provided include substance abuse treatment and detoxification. Detoxification involves helping a patient get rid of chemicals lodged in his body as a result of substance abuse. The center provides medical help during detoxification. The type of care provided is residential short term. 4432 Sunrise Place, Columbus, NE, 68601-3958.

You could choose the best drug rehab center from among them by visiting the places and meeting with the personnel.

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