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Harris House Inpatient Treatment

Harris House Inpatient Treatment
8327 South Broadway
Saint Louis, Missouri 63111

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The 28-day Intensive Inpatient Program has been in existence for 3 years and  is designed to provide clients with an appropriate level of care to begin the recovery process. Treatment is provided 7 days a week and the daily routine includes morning mediation, 4 educational/therapy groups and individual counseling sessions with a licensed substance abuse counselor. During the evening hours they are integrated into the evening treatment and recovery discussion groups with client’s that have already begun the recovery process. They are introduced into the 12 step recovery community through three on-site AA meetings per week. Cost of the 28-day Inpatient Program is $5,000 payable at admission, with the option of making two $2,600 payments, payable at admission and day fourteen. The fee includes family therapy sessions held weekly and one year of weekly aftercare groups. Intervention services are available at a rate of $500. Intervention fees are waived if the intervention results in an admission. Criteria for admission are age 18 or older and medically and psychiatrically stable. The long term residential program has been in existence for 50 years. Its motto is “Recovery with Responsibility”. We ask for a minimum commitment of 120 days. Residents may stay for up to 6 months. Residents are required to work a full time first shift job. If there is a disability present residents may substitute 35 hours of verified volunteer work for daytime structure.  In the evening residents participate in comprehensive programming that includes: group and individual counseling, case management, education and vital exposure to the 12-step recovery community. The core value in the House is responsibility and residents contribute by doing daily chores and by paying a small portion of treatment costs. Resident cost for this program is $105 per week.  Residents do not need to have a job or money when they are admitted as the Harris House will assist in beginning the process of reestablishing a stable/sober lifestyle. We are on 2 major bus lines with ample job opportunities. There is a curfew and residents are eligible for overnight passes after 30 days. Criteria for admission is age 21, (age 18 if a graduate of 28 day intensive in-patient program), as well as, being medically and psychiatrically stable. Clients of the Inpatient Program are encouraged to continue the recovery process by entering the Long Term Residential Program.

Areas of Expertise
Harris House is a charitable, not for profit corporation whose primary purpose is to help alcoholic and chemically dependent persons achieve sobriety and become useful, healthy and productive individuals. Implicit in our mission is giving people the opportunity to experience the miracle of their own recovery, regardless of race, cree or economic status.



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