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Hannibal Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Hannibal Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
1130 South Elmwood Street
Mexico, Missouri 65265

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(573) 581-8828

About Us

MEN'S RESIDENTIAL Our men's residential program is a variable length program based on client need.  A typical length of stay is up to 21 days, however court-ordered 30 day holds are accepted.  Relapse prevention or intervention may require a shorter length of stay. Clients are in a highly structured setting.  A typical day may include attending groups, individual counseling, group education, group counseling and structured activities.  Clients in residential treatment also have access to 12-Step support meetings. 

Areas of Expertise
Hannibal Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the individual and community by empowering people to recover from addictions by providing high quality, accessible, and affordable Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Services.



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