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Common Bond Association Inc Isiah House

Common Bond Association Inc Isiah House
836 Medical Plaza
Jackson, Mississippi 39204

Key Contact

(601) 371-6851

About Us

The I.S.I.A.H. House, (Innovative Solutions in Assisting Homelessness), located in south Jackson, is the home for homeless American Veterans seeking help. With a full staff of counselors and managers, the house can literally assist a man from the streets back to a productive and sober lifestyle. Renovated in 1999, the Isiah House is a new innovation in Transitional Residential Treatment. ISIAH is certified by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health and can accomodate 45 men.

Areas of Expertise
The Common Bond Association, Inc. was chartered in 1999 as a 501(c)3, Mississippi nonprofit. It’s mission is to assist the homeless, the alcoholic, the addict, the mentally disadvantaged, and those who suffer from other diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Our website is designed, not only to introduce our program but also to keep you informed of our mission. We strive to learn new ways to help people get off the streets so they can live a whole, sober, and productive life.



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