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Evergreen House

Evergreen House
PO Box 662
Bemidji, Minnesota 56619

Key Contact

(218) 751-8223

About Us

Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment where adolescent boys can practice sobriety in daily living and develop the skills needed to transition home to family and community. We are a 9-bed halfway house program located in Bemidji, Minnesota. We are a highly structured residential treatment program designed to meet the special needs of adolescent males in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. Chemical abuse and dependency treatment services are the primary focus. A minimum 90-day program stay is required.

Areas of Expertise
Two underlying tenets of the Evergreen House philosophy when working with youth and families are: Human behavior is influenced by a combination of life experiences and heredity that may or may not be controllable by the individual. An individual's response and their behavior can be changed. An individual will respond to situations based upon his or her "world view", which is comprised of their values, assumptions, beliefs and life experiences. It is the obligation of Evergreen House staff to learn as much as possible about the "world view" of those served as part of helping them to make positive changes in their lives.



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