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With substance abuse as well as drug addiction numbers well above the national average, every year thousands of addicts admit themselves in a Massachusetts treatment center. The state's proximity to the New England Pipeline famous for drug smuggling across the Canadian border and also the large port at Boston makes drugs easily available. And with the easy availability of drugs, a Massachusetts drug treatment center and alcohol treatment center receives admissions round the year. In the year 2007, about 106,683 addicts admitted themselves seeking substance abuse rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, even though the state has become a hotbed for drug addiction and substance abuse, the number of treatment centers are comparatively far less. A Massachusetts drug treatment center receives the most number of admissions for heroin addiction. Cocaine and heroin are the main drugs of addiction in the state, while the prescription drug oxytocin is used as the gateway drug to heroin abuse. Some of the Massachusetts drug treatment programs use buprenorphine or methadone to help addicts with withdrawal from heroin addiction.

Before beginning with the actual addiction treatment, the Massachusetts treatment centers usually conduct a detox program, which cleanses the system off the drug prior to beginning on the addiction treatment. The treatment centers have both long-term rehabilitation programs as well as treatments in outpatient departments. Besides the detoxification and substance abuse treatments, a Massachusetts drug and alcohol treatment center also holds sober living and counseling sessions. Unlike in other states, Massachusetts residents have more financial options as they receive unlimited coverage from state health insurance agencies for treatment of substance abuse problems.

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24552 Pacific Park Drive
Aliso Viejo, California 92656
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Massachusetts Treatment Centers

McLean Center
162 Mountain Road
Princeton, Massachusetts 1541
ABA Treatment Center Placement  Services
55 East Eagle st
Boston, Massachusetts 02128
Adcare Hospital
107 Lincoln St.
Worcester, Massachusetts 01605
Allied Rehabilitation Center
65 Milton St
Worcester, Massachusetts 1606
Austen Riggs Center
25 Main St
Stockbridge, Massachusetts 01262



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