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Substance abuse is a growing menace in today's society mainly affecting the youth, which a Maine treatment center looks to curb. Located in the northeastern United States, in the New England Region on the Canadian border, Maine is a main location for cross border drug smuggling. A Maine drug treatment center provides addiction recovery treatment for adolescents as well as adults.

Though Maine has strict laws against its use, Marijuana is the primary drug of abuse in the state. Even prescription drug abuse is on the rise. According to statistics, currently there are about 104,000 illicit drug abusers in Maine. With such a huge number of addicts, there is also an increased need for Maine treatment center and alcohol treatment centers in the state. With their widely varying expertise, a Maine drug treatment center offers a variety of detox and drug rehab programs. Every Maine drug treatment center and alcohol treatment center has both residential and non-residential programs. The services provided by these treatment centers also include counseling and behavior modification sessions which aim to prevent chances of relapse.

Alcohol dependency is a dangerous addiction which has extremely detrimental effects on an addict's health as well as his family life, work and finance. A Maine alcohol treatment center with its range of detox programs helps you effectively combat with the addiction minimizing the withdrawal symptoms. For financially challenged individuals, there is also the provision of federal funding for rehab programs in alcohol treatment centers in Maine. Additionally, a Maine drug treatment center also has specific programs for heroin, cocaine, marijuana and prescription drug addiction as well.

Top U.S. Drug Rehab Centers

Laguna Treatment Hospital
24552 Pacific Park Drive
Aliso Viejo, California 92656
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Maine Treatment Centers

Acadia Recovery Community
179 Indiana Avenue
Bangor, Maine 4401
Crisis & Counseling Centers
32 Winthrop Street
Augusta, Maine 4330
Crooked River Counseling
39 Western Ave
South Paris, Maine 4281
PO Box 41
Bar Mills, Maine 04004
Kennebec Behavioral Health
67 Eustis Parkway
Waterville, Maine 04901



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