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Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment in Sanford

At the Sanford drug rehabilitation center, substance abuse addictions like, opium, buprenorphine, cocaine, ecstasy, meth and coke, are treated. Sanford drug rehab, provides alternative treatment methods to tackle these addictions. They use a different approach than the traditional drug rehab, by way of prescription drugs, to treat the addictions. A 12 step treatment methodology is offered as an alternative treatment. This program has a high rate of success and also helps lead patients a drug free life in the near future.

Drug rehab in Sanford provides an inpatient treatment program, which guarantees success in the long term, in leaving the addiction problems behind you. When the person stays in house, he/she gets the 100% continuity of the treatment process. The drug rehab treatment also includes the dual diagnosis rehab. This focuses on the mental health of the patient, along with the physical problems of drug abuse.

The Sanford drug rehab center offers short-term and long-term residential treatment facilities, inpatient treatment, outpatient drug rehab, alcohol rehab and drug detox treatment. All these services aim in making the person drug free for the rest of his/her life and also become capable to combat with the temptations of drug use and a possible relapse. A 3 months or longer duration residential treatment at the Sanford drug rehab facility, guarantees better chances of complete recovery.

Drug rehab in Sanford provides a 3-way drug detox treatment. The 3 stages include, medical, physical and emotional detox. Medical detox aims at managing the withdrawal symptoms, by way of supervised medication. Physical detox helps regain your body's inner strength, with proper nutrition intake and a balanced diet. Emotional detox, as part of counseling to recovering patients, is instrumental for their emotional well-being. All these drug rehab services and more, are provided by certified and registered medical practitioners, counselors and other staff.

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