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Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment in Ankeny

Alcohol, Drug rehab in Ankeny, Iowa is done on a holistic basis covering both the medical and emotional aspects. The rehab program is tailored to suit each individual.

Alcohol, drug rehab in Ankeny, Iowa, USA tackles addicts medically and psychologically. It is very difficult for an alcohol or drug addict to quit all of a sudden taking this brain-chemistry- affecting stimulants without having side effects such as convulsions, nausea, depression etc. Hence in Ankeny drug rehab programs, the detox process is carried out while simultaneously medically and psychologically treating the addict for withdrawal symptoms. Ankeny being a small city of 75 sq.km area with 45,000 population, there is no acute problem of alcohol or drug abuse. This is revealed by the number of Ankeny drug rehabilitation centers being limited to just one: Cornerstone Recovery Center which provides substance abuse treatment on an outpatient basis as well as partial hospitalization/day treatment and residential long term basis.

There are a number of websites where one can get counseling for alcohol or drug abuse. Rehabilitation counseling, family counseling etc., are possible and these websites provide the contact facility's/person's address. Typically an Ankeny drug rehab center carries out a program providing both drug detox treatment as well drug treatment for the psychological problems which arise in all drug/alcohol addiction issues. This is mainly to minimize the relapse problems and prepare the person for a sober living without recourse to alcohol/drugs. The drug rehab programs in Ankeny like in other cities are licensed by a governing agency. An Ankeny drug rehabilitation center normally resorts to tackling cases on an individualized basis after studying the addict's case history including family details and tackling both medical and emotional aspects simultaneously.

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Ankeny, Iowa 50021
Ankeny, Iowa 50021


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