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New River Cove

New River Cove
100 Avenue J
Belize, International 70615

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(866) 850-2683

About Us

Located on 27 acres in the tropical beauty of Belize, New River Cove has an experienced medical, conditioning and counseling staff, as well as world-class facilities, to help treat the Mind, Body and Spirit of those in need. There is no place quite like New River Cove. We can help anyone suffering from addiction to take back positive control of his or her life. Please call us today.

Areas of Expertise
Anchored in the recovery success of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other 12-Step programs and integrated with proven professional clinical therapies and strategies, New River Cove adds a unique and exciting eco-recovery, adventure milieu. Activities include horseback riding, kayaking, ropes course, meditation, yoga and other holistic strategies as well as excursions that include snorkeling at Caye Caulker in the Caribbean Sea, guided tours through regional Mayan Ruins and visits to natural rainforest settings.  Within the therapeutic container of our abundant and natural tropical environment, our extensive fitness center, the cultural diversity of Belize, and the competence of our clinical team, clients have a reflective and health enhancing experience that begins a new lifetime of recovery, “un dia a la vez” (one day at a time). Clients gradually and intentionally follow their therapeutic plan with "movement" in the three spheres of Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Movement includes intentionally moving through the first eight steps of twelve-step work; identifying the neuro-scientific affects of their addiction, heightening awareness of anxiety and developing anxiety and depression moderating strategies, and initiating and maintaining a daily “movement” practice of yoga, meditation, swimming and adventurist activities such as horseback-riding and kayaking. Clients are encouraged to envision a new "God as I understand" spirituality. This could include a regenerated return to their religion of choice or a variety of other visions.  The beauty and calmness of our tropical environment facilitate this search and discovery.  

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