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Looking for a Waukegan drug rehab center? Waukegan is a city of more than 100,000 people located on the west shore of Lake Michigan. It is a city of diverse races with a lot of ethnic people. It was historically famous as a trading post and it still is due to its strategic location and the fact that it is a port city. Unfortunately, there is another kind of trade going on there – drug trade. This has led many people to seek help from a Waukegan drug rehabilitation center. The problem is prevalent due to the city's proximity with Chicago and the drug gangs there have spread their network to Waukegan and other smaller cities. Although authorities keep a tight check in the city and along the shores of the lake, narcotics inevitably get smuggled in and this has led many people to join a Waukegan drug rehab clinic.

If you are looking for drug rehab in Waukegan, there are about seven to eight centers here in the city. They are mostly towards the outer edges of the city and you won't find many in the city center. In the northeast part of the city there are two drug rehab centers located on Grand Avenue between Hinkston Park and the Am Echod Jewish Cemetery. There is Nicasa – an organization that runs counseling and community welfare programs. It has been running since 1966. Also on Grand Avenue is the County of Lake drug rehab center. Vista Corporate Health Services and JEM Treatment Incorporated are the other good drug counseling centers you can try.

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Waukegan, Illinois 60085


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