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Bow Creek Recovery Center

Bow Creek Recovery Center
Bow Creek Recovery Center
Caldwell, Idaho 83607

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About Us

Bow Creek Recovery Center is your recovery haven, offering comprehensive drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction treatment in a private, serene home-like environment. This is where you can master your addiction and tap into your creative power to set a new direction in your life. Bow Creek provides rehabilitation for gambling, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, opiates, crack, crystal-meth, and prescription drugs. We also offer detox for mild to moderate symptoms. Your recovery is guided and supported by our highly trained staff using a variety of therapeutic approaches. The time-tested 12-Step Program is supplemented with treatments and programs designed to heal body, mind and spirit. Because of our small number of clients, your program involves much individual attention as well as the intimacy of a small therapeutic environment. We create a loving space for a maximum of 5 clients. Bow Creek is a moderately priced residential rehabilitation center, with options for 30, 60 or 90 day programs. Our facility is located 30 minutes from Boise, Idaho and is convenient to residents of the Treasure Valley. We are open to clients from throughout the country and will provide transportation for those coming from outside of the Boise area. We look forward to making Bow Creek Recovery Center your home for sobriety. All of the Bow Creek staff are excited about being a part of your personal growth and watching you discover the great potential that lies within you and the amazing possibilities that lie ahead. We support your continued growth with our Alumni meetings and our Aftercare Follow-Up Program. We look forward to this opportunity to have you check in and receive our continued support for your continued positive creative adventure.

Areas of Expertise
Our focus at Bow Creek Recovery Center is on the rich potential that lies beyond the individual’s addiction. No matter what life experiences have lead to substance abuse, we hold firm to the understanding that every human being comes with amazing possibility and that we are all able to create what we want in life. Working together in a loving and supportive environment, our goal is to help our clients unleash the greatness that exists within them and allow it to guide their new path in life. “Letting go of addictions” is a process that includes the mind, body and spirit, and thus treatment includes medical, spiritual and psychological as well as holistic approaches to treat the whole person. We create a supportive, therapeutic environment not only through our treatment methods, but also by providing the beauty, serenity and privacy of a natural home-like setting, a high level of individual attention, superior nutrition, and attention to physical fitness. Bow Creek staff understands that addictions affect the whole family and offers the opportunity for the family to spend time with their loved one as each of them opens to achieve the goal of sobriety and creativity. There is an opportunity for the families to come and share with their loved one from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Our staff supports our clients through a variety of therapeutic methods that serve both during and after the recovery process. Our clients go on with their lives with the tools that will support their long term sobriety in relation to their minds, their bodies and their spirits. These tools along with the support of a 12-Step Program are the necessary tools to maintain their sobriety and to open to their greatest potential.



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