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Breakthrough Addiction Recovery

Breakthrough Addiction Recovery
8000 Miller Court East
Norcross, Georgia 30071

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About Us

Breakthrough Addiction Recovery was started in 2000 by Terry Bruce. Alcohol detox, intensive inpatient, 12-Step programs and other traditional methods of cure had failed to help a member of her family recover from alcohol addiction. While desperately searching for something effective, Ms. Bruce found studies by University of Pennsylvania addictions researcher, Joseph Volpicelli, MD, PhD. He was pioneering studies in the use of Naltrexone for treating alcohol addiction. This led to the FDA’s approval of its use for alcoholism in 1994. Dr. Volpicelli discovered that Naltrexone significantly reduces the craving for alcohol, which allows a person in treatment to become more focused on recovery. By using the latest medical technology, Breakthrough’s opiate and alcohol detox programs are as pleasant as is possible. Our outpatient programs are not “lock downs”. We offer private suites from which you may come and go as you please.  We go to great lengths to make our clients as comfortable as can be. While many programs suggest you give up your work and relationships during treatment, we encourage them. It simply doesn’t make any sense to give up the positive facets of your life while trying to eliminate the negative ones. So, bring your spouse, family members, your pet…whatever makes you the most at ease during your journey towards sobriety. And finally, the part of our philosophy that separates us from the others…We strongly believe in the combination of the latest medical technology along with rational behavioral counseling as the key to recovery. We also employ The Matrix Model Outpatient Treatment program.  When you have been through Breakthrough Addiction Recovery's program, you will leave a much happier and healthier person and be back in charge of your life.



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