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Gregory L. garamoni, Ph.D.

Gregory L. garamoni, Ph.D.
2304 Sawgrass Village Drive
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082

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(904) 285-4734

About Us

Dr. Garamoni has over 37 years of experience in corporate, academic, and clinical settings, helping people lead happier, more productive lives. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Garamoni has been helping individuals, couples, and families in his private practice for over 17 years. He provides comprehensive therapy and testing services for children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Garamoni has several areas of specialization. His practice is especially devoted to four of them: Couples Counseling, Sex Therapy, Cognitive Therapy for Depression, and Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety. Over half of Dr. Garamoni’s practice is devoted to couples therapy. Physicians, attorneys, and other professionals refer couples to Dr. Garamoni for help with a very wide range of concerns. These referrals include married couples as well as unmarried couples, including same sex partners. Some couples come for pre-marital counseling to prevent trouble in the future. Some couples seek relationship enhancement. Others are in acute stress following some crisis that threatens their relationship. Many couples have experienced a gradual loss of intimacy, passion, or commitment--they feel stuck and want professional help to restore love to their relationship. Some come specifically for sex therapy.

Areas of Expertise
I do my best to adhere to the ideals and tenets of the scientist–practitioner model in my private practice. My overriding goal is to find an effective treatment for each client--one that is most likely to help a client achieve his or her goals. As a scientist-practitioner who adheres to a professional code of conduct, I never promise a client that a treatment will work. Whenever possible, I offer a treatment that has been scientifically validated through extensive research. For example, I often use cognitive-behavior techniques because research demonstrates they are effective in treating depression, anxiety, and other emotional and behavioral problems. Consistent with the scientist-practioner model, I have authored or co-authored 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications on stress, anxiety, depression, and cognitive therapy. I have also presented theoretical and empirical papers on these topics to psychologists at state and national conventions. And I have given talks to local community organizations on stress management, cognitive therapy for depression, and cognitive therapy for anxiety. So you can see that I have the utmost respect for the scientist-practitioner model. Having said this, I must also acknowledge that no psychologist has ever been smart enough to develop an integrated, grand theory of the human mind--much less support it with research. So I try to be opened-minded and draw on four other sources of guidance in my practice: • 27 years of clinical experience; • theories that may not be well-researched, but still make us more intelligible than we would be without them; • the unique characteristics, situations, and preferences of my clients; and • feedback from my clients



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