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Mayflower Center

Mayflower Center
San Francisco, California 94101

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(800) 376-0033

About Us

The Story of Our Name The Mayflower Center name comes from a classic yet very simple story from The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. While away on business in Akron, Ohio, a newly sober Bill W learns that his business deal is going bad. In the lobby of his hotel he notices the bar at the other end and those old familiar feelings of “they’re having more fun than me” and “I’ll only have a soda” come over him. Bill, a relapser himself, has repeatedly given into this feeling in the past. Instead, this time he uses the lobby phone to call local clergy and find another alcoholic to talk to and be of service to. As a result of this call, he meets Dr. Bob S the following day. They go on to start Alcoholics Anonymous. The name of the hotel was The Mayflower Hotel. The Mayflower Center is dedicated to this legacy; getting an alcoholic/drug addict healthy enough to be able to make the call and instilling the pull of service to another alcoholic as the way of recovery.



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