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The Compound: Residences

The Compound: Residences
Corporate Offices: 12400 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 400
Los Angeles, California 90025

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(888) 331-5567

About Us

Welcome to The Compound: Residences. We have designed several levels of structure, designed for the recovering person. Each Residence uses the Project: NewHab Recovery Model and within is a design for long lasting and quality filled sobriety. We have several locations throughout Southern California, New Mexico and Arizona that offer several price points with varied styles and living accommodations.

Areas of Expertise
   Project: NewHab has a long time history in Los Angeles for helping addicts and alcoholics recover. Used in 1995 by Dr. William Shneid and Dr. David Newburn Phd as a Project Code for the Los Angeles County Superior Court - Criminal Court/Drug Court for referring Major Felons to Drug Appointed Custodians, Dr. Schneid and Dr. Newburn eventually were introduced to Patrick Potter a newly recovering person with  an aptitude for helping addicts recover. Later Project: NewHab became synonymous with recovery by opening one of several recovery houses in Los Angeles. The sober living models contained several levels of supervision and each used a modified version of the 12 Step program as its foundation for treatment.     Years later Project: NewHab sold its houses to focus on Drug Reform Legislation and Education.  In the last several years upon the retirement of both Dr. Schneid and Dr. Newburn, Patrick Potter has teamed up with Adam Todd to produce a systematic recovery model that is used in conjunction with a recovery house. This model is now used in more then twenty-nine independent sober living and recovery houses nationwide.      Using the 12 Step Recovery Model as outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous in their respective texts; The Project: NewHab Recovery Model in its design uses a unique approach to long term recovery. In combination with Sober Living or Transitional Housing, The Project: NewHab Recovery Model is adaptable to the changing or more sophisticated drug addict or alcoholic. The Project: NewHab Recovery Model is propri



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