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Los Angeles Sober Livings
17252 Hawthorne Blvd. unit #489
Los Angeles, California 90504

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Lauren Brezner

About Us

Los Angeles Sober Livings (LASL) is a resource guide to sober livings in the Los Angeles area. As many of you are aware, sober livings can impact one’s commitment towards recovery as well as provide a safe environment to newer members achieving sobriety. Sober livings act as a great form of aftercare to those just leaving primary treatment and increase the chances of continued success. The problem is, which sober living should you choose for yourself or a loved one? That’s where we come in… Finding the treatment program can be an overwhelming process which our staff has experienced themselves. Before making this life-changing decision, it’s important to know the types of treatment offered and how they can (or can’t) benefit you. LASL also offers informative definitions of various forms of treatment and recovery terms, daily reflections and the video every parent of an addict/alcoholic child can relate to, “A Mother’s Letter.” We are here to help. If you have any questions of the services we provide, please call us. Also, if you would like us to address any questions or topics on our site, please contact us at info@losangelessoberlivings.com.

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Substance Abuse Intervention Alcoholism Drug Rehabilitation or Drug Treatment Alcohol Rehabilitation or Alcohol Treatment Teenage Alcohol and Drug Treatment Sober Living Outpatient Programs Residential Treatment Programs



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