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New Method Wellness

New Method Wellness
23861 El Toro Rd.
Lake Forest, California 92630

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About Us

New Method Wellness is an innovative breakthrough in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism. Our mission is to bring hope to families and suffering individuals that were once, or still are, hopeless. We believe in positive growth and in teaching our clients how to love themselves again and live freely. As a collective we have extensive personal experience dealing with the hardships of addiction and recovery and have created a program that is unparalleled on the scene of addiction medicine. This “new method” is empowering and our approach is to offer individuals a new chance at life equipped with all the necessary skills not just to survive but to live again, and happier. We believe that through our positive power, gratitude and expertise in addiction medicine provide a strong, safe foundation in which newly sober individuals can overcome crisis and difficulty.

Areas of Expertise
The entire concept of New Method Treatment relies on the capability and compassion of our people and the wide variety of new services that we are able to offer. As a team we have taken countless hours perfecting a balance between therapies and fun activities, personal time and community interaction. We are confident that our unrelenting commitment to helping others recover will bring great change to the lives of many. In thinking of drug addiction and alcoholism as a whole body, mind and spirit problem, we have also thought up solutions to treat, nurture and heal the entire individual. We offer services such as massage, acupuncture, mindful eating and yoga to help individuals get in touch with their bodies and how they work to send positive and negative messages.



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