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South Central Foundation

South Central Foundation
4130 San Ernesto Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99508

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(907) 729-5070

About Us

Southcentral Foundation’s 41,000 customer/owners have helped create a world class health system. Now, as planned, construction will commence on what will eventually be an 80,000 square foot addition to the existing Anchorage Native Primary Care Center. We anticipated the need for the expansion a long time ago, and successfully built it into the planning process for our 20-year vision. The expansion has been made possible by careful money management and careful planning.

Areas of Expertise
The expansion follows the ongoing SCF facility design priorities of optimizing clinical space and flexibility of use over time. As with our other facilities, the design is driven by customer/owner input. The building will be almost entirely clinical space and will include six clinic areas all designed similarly to each other with the flexibility to accommodate any general clinics. There will be about 200 clinical spaces (exam rooms, counseling rooms, procedure rooms, talking rooms, family rooms) and some group/meeting rooms. An emphasis on flexible, team-oriented staffing areas continues as well.  



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